Why us

At this point we also strongly believe you are in researching phase and your search intent as follows.

Either “How to choose the best digital marketing institute in Kolkata” as your learning partner not as a teacher way Or Somehow you find our academy details and reach this particular page to find the exact reasons to consider us not anyone else.

If you are reading this article, Im am sure you already decided to learn Digital Marketing and any of the following is you.

  • You want to make a career in digital marketing
  • Looking to learn how to promote business online yourself
  • Own a digital marketing agency in future
  • Make a living out of it by working on freelance projects
  • Have some passive income along with your present job

If yes, then one thing that might be running through your mind is, ‘I want to Learn Digital Marketing’ but

  • How can someone help you to become an expert in Digital Marketing?
  • Why you need to go for the classroom based course not any online course?
  • Which quality makes us the best academy or institute to learn digital marketing?
  • How can you get a digital marketing job or make money after our training course?
  • What about digital marketing certification? And many other

Well, do not worry, We would love to help you in the process of making a right decision.

Before you read further you should know “How to become a Digital Marketing Expert”.

You can learn the basics of digital marketing free. Also learns how to use digital marketing mediums, tools, features by watching a video or by reading a book/blog but cant master it.

If you wish to become expert digital marketer you need to think as a marketer, practise it on live business environment and understand the concepts of

  • Marketing and Sales in general
  • Learn Digital 4 W’s (Who, Why, When, Where) and how of it.
  • Become master in Content Curation and Web Analytics
  • You need to think, implement, practice, experiment and analysis to get deep knowledge.
  • Should be ready to fail and learn from your failure to become successful.

Now Let us explain Why ClickNScroll are different from other available academy in Kolkata.

As part of our culture at ClickNScroll we are very particular about how we conduct training, where students will learn not only Digital marketing also bonding as family with emotional connections. By now if you have referred ClickNScroll Course Curriculum you would know that we have covered on all aspects of Digital Marketing. Moreover, we help make the whole experience worthy of the following 14 value adds.

Our classroom environment set up with boardroom seating style. Everything makes a difference as the seating set up itself.

It encourages interaction between the batch mates, share ideas, views & jointly work on live projects & activities during the class.

Also increase interpersonal skills and helps students socialize with everyone. Help to understand the people better as you can see the person, talk face to face, understand body language, behavior, facial expression.

Don't forget, even though we are teaching or learning Digital marketing – at the end of the day, we are dealing with people and their emotions.

We prepare students for group discussions. When they appear for a group discussion round in interview, they look more confident while answering in front of a group of strangers
Small makes a huge difference. It Encourages healthy relationship between student and tutor.

Our usual batch size is not more than 10 students. So that the students are clear concepts & can clarify any kinds of doubts then & there directly which was difficult in a of 40-50 students.

It encourages students to open up and also helps them during their assignment presentation, having healthy debate/discussion.
Experiment and Implement as you learn. Practicing on live projects makes more confident. Become familiar with the interface and get hands-on experience on how and why.

As part of the curriculum we share projects with the students for practice purpose only and encourage them to keep making mistakes.

The live projects help students to try out everything they learned during the classes & commit mistakes as trial and error.

Learning from the mistakes is something that you can't forget easily.

We encourage students to work with each other like team. These activities help them build their cross-functional capabilities which is the key requirement for corporate companies.
We care about your career so we have small batch size and 1:1 live interactive session.

It helps the faculty also to pay personal attention to each and every student in the batch.

We assess the understanding level of the student while teaching the Digital Marketing concepts.

That is very difficult in an online format. Now you can understand why online class has so much drop rate and students never get the real value of learning. Imagine if we complete our schooling and college from online medium.
Stay updated with Industry updates & trends. We offer our students wholesome opportunities to be part of our events or technical sessions in addition to the regular course classes.

This is to help expand knowledge within the field, about the industry and familiarise themselves with the latest trends & updates.

We also encourage and monitor our students to organize and deliver small to large scale digital marketing events of small business owners in and around kolkata.
We represents a beautiful digital marketer family.

As a part of Social Media Classes, we host food festival to bring together the students of other batches as well as to socialize & network.

We arrange Inter-batch sessions and activities to enhance interpersonal and networking skills

Outdoor sessions for Social media classes to practically practice the features of the platform and post their creation
No learning is complete until you get certified. Master the skill, Get certified as simple as that.

After each module we encourage students to refer additional resources and how and where to attempt the assessments to get certified.

Also assist them with exact process before attempting Google and Facebook certification assessments which would make sense for every individual.

We help them by giving some mock tests and executing a Q&A session and clarify doubts.
We assist our students on how to prepare for a digital marketing resume and job interview.

Do & don’ts to get them ready to face the interviewers.

We also share common questions asked at interview & how to respond to the interviewer
We will teach you how to grab a digital marketing job and complete support until a job in hand

We are also associated with some companies who reach out to us for hiring Digital Marketers, SEO Expert, Content marketing, social media expert, etc.

We offer exciting earning opportunities with us since the day you join.
Once you placed through us or got a job after finishing our course you may face difficulty to understand right marketing process for that particular business, we are happy to help.

While working with clients and come across specific scenarios and need assistance – we are just a call away and are more than happy to help such a scenario.

As that is when the real trainer comes into the picture when you are in the actual battlefield fighting and dealing with the client expectations, deliverables and deadlines.
Our students can access to faculty anytime after completing course as well. Our faculties love to assist and always available to provide 100% support to make them successful.

Beyond the subject we always act as a Family & not Academy is because we don’t restrict students & faculty to limit themselves to conversations around Digital Marketing all the time.

We do talk about other interesting topics they like and exchange ideas, opinions, views such as hobbies, life, sports, family, etc. this helps to realise people’s real potential.
Do you know any develop industry get connects and get noticed.

We are glad that we have access to the best digital marketers around the world. Our network people are quite approachable to talk & learn best practices.

Our Event sessions and Social gathering activities help students to network and socialize with people outside & grow their network.

We also encourage students to identify digital marketing industry influencers to follow, that can help them shape their career path.
We bring in external Speakers or SME’s to share with you their Digital journey with resources to follow & how to tips.

They add perspective to the learning basis their corporate experience to help you to expand horizons how the corporate world functions by sharing relevant industry insights.
People have a natural tendency to go behind popular brand even though if you get a better quality product or services form lesser known company. We have thousands of examples of this.

Don't Fall in False Pray like some one placed or trained 20000 students and 100 % placement

Last but the least how we give a competitive edge on course pricing. Let us find our competitor pricing.
Institute Name Course Price Why not to choose them
Seven Boats Academy 5000 - 75000 + GST Very High Pricing
Acesoftech Academy 20000 + GST Not dedicated to Digital Marketing Training
W3WebSchool 17000 + GST Content are missing from many pages of this reputed digital marketing training institute
Calcutta Media Institute 45000 + GST Good for seasoned marketers with 10+ years of experience
AIDM 25000 + GST Course curriculum, duration doesn't justify course pricing
WhiteHat Academy 30000 + GST As a training institute they don’t have classroom pictures for student
reference even though they are into business for a long time
Karmick Institute 18000 + GST No clear digital marketing career direction after course completion
NIHT 35000 - 70k + GST Good to go but pricing, huh !
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