Inbound Marketing

Instructor-led 1:1 classroom-based Inbound Marketing training course for beginners and professionals to understand different ways to increase business for free.

Understand organic traffic to market your products and services for free. Learn and implement Best plan or Strategies for Successful business.

In the Inbound Marketing training Module, we start with the difference between Inbound Marketing and Traditional Marketing to understand the overview of both marketing models. 

Next, we will continue with Channels in Traditional Marketing to understand the different stages of it. Next, we will continue with Understanding Business Objectives to understand the marketing of a business. 

Now we will dive deep into SWOT & Competitor Analysis to understand basic strong pillars and its weaknesses to rectify and take the right decisions. 

The final part will be ultimately The process of Inbound Marketing along with every possible aspect of inbound marketing to understand a business properly and try to make an effective plan and strategy to establish a successful online business. 

Inbound Marketing

  • Traditional Marketing V/s Online Marketing
  • Channels in Traditional Marketing
  • Channels in Digital Marketing
  • Understanding Business Objectives
  • Converting Business Objectives into KPI’s
  • SWOT Analysis and why companies should them
  • Competitor Analysis
  • Buyer Persona
  • What is Inbound Marketing?
  • Inbound Marketing – The process
  • Process Implementation of Inbound Marketing for a Business or a Campaign

Each Digital Marketing module is led by an instructor. We conduct our class through whiteboard explanations, videos, interactive sessions, live projects, and real-time Q&A during and after the course. We provide end to end digital marketing training program from basic to advanced level along with placement assistance.