How to get a Digital Marketing Job in Kolkata

    It is natural you will search for a digital marketing job as a career perspective while you are deciding to join any digital marketing course and definitely after finishing it. Digital marketing jobs are very lucrative because of the extreme shortage of skilled professionals in the market today. The demand is sky high. Every company out there is building their digital marketing team at a rapid pace because traditional marketing is failing big time.

    Usually How Candidates are Finding Jobs

    • Digital Marketing Jobs in Kolkata
    • SEO Jobs in Kolkata
    • Social Media Jobs in Kolkata
    • Content Marketing Jobs in Kolkata
    • Email Marketing Jobs in Kolkata
    • PPC Account Manager Jobs in Kolkata

    Candidates are using above mentioned keywords and all possible terms to find relevant digital marketing job for them.

    Dude ! you are not alone to search those keywords on Google or Facebook or Naukri, or Indeed or Linkedin or Shine or Monster India or Timesjob or any other job websites. Every passing fresh digital marketing grads or even an experienced seo, social media, content writer, digital marketers are also searching for jobs through these types of query, to know what is the best suitable job available for them in kolkata.

    But dear Job Searchers:

    • Do you know, what you know and what you can bring on table as a marketer?
    • Do you actually know what type of digital marketing role and job you are looking for?
    • What is your actual intent of search in terms of high paying jobs or better office ?
    • How your can find your first dream job or any suitable digital marketing job (for freshers)?
    • Who are those companies hiring genuine result oriented digital marketing candidates?

    Because of this mismatch, Company and Employee both suffer at the end result either company choosing bad candidate or good employee choosing bad candidates.

    This article is Ideal for:

    Freshers in Digital Marketing – 0 – 1 years

    Mid Level Experience in Digital Marketing – 1 – 5 years

    Well, Well…. I will give you all the answers step by step how to find your first, second, third or fourth digital marketing job in kolkata. I am sure by the end of this guide you will be better prepared and qualified to get a job in Digital Marketing, than 90% of the people out there in the market.

    You made a difference finding this guide somehow and you are reading it right now. This puts you ahead of so many people who only wish to get the dream job but they do not take any action about it.

    2 Ways to get a Digital Marketing Job:

    Not only digital marketing, any type of job you can get 2 way. One is inbound and other one is outbound way.

    What is Inbound Way of getting a job:

    • The easiest way to get any job on any domain. In inbound way
    • Recruiters reach to you based on your digital marketing resume via various job portals where you uploaded it.
    • Through your digital marketing profile on professional platforms such as Linkedin.
    • Get an Interview call, schedule date, time and venue.
    • Reach that office, meet HR and interviewer to get interviewed and waiting for feedback.
    • If they say “They will let you know” means you are gone and if selected you can feel it.

    This process is suitable mid level experienced digital marketing expert. You will have little more timeframe to impress potential clients as they are trying to reach you and it is 10 seconds.

    How to get a job Outbound Way:

    This is the most popular among job hoppers and freshers. They don’t understand where to apply and how to apply, just keep applying without any preparation. This process may work well in BPO sectors or other FMCG sectors or Manufacturing sectors but not in Digital Marketing domain rather any IT job sectors. I know people are so desperate to get a job in certain company they just applying randomly for particular job opening without seeing what is the actual requirement.

    To get a job in outbound way you must follow some particular process.

    • You should know what position you are applying, exact requirement of the company.
    • Find out if you have all required skills and can be culturally fit there.
    • You must do some research about that company before applying like what they work, how they work and who are those clients they serve.
    • Must know about that company little inside out about CEO, HR, Head of Digital Marketing.

    There is less guarantee to get a return call or mail from them until you can impress limited timeframe and this time frame is just under 5 seconds.


    • Prepare a clear constant communication address so that people can reach you comfortably such as phone no, email address, whatsapp.
    • Build a skill based strong resume and upload it as many as job sites available. So that you will have higher chance to get noticed by more recruiters.
    • Don't depend on single popular websites such as naukri and indeed.

    However this inbound and outbound process does not help you get high paid and good company most of the time. To get a satisfactory job you must have the following skills and strength.

    Let us start with the most successful procedure to get a digital marketing job in Kolkata.


    Determination is first and foremost important factor to get any job in sector in any industry in any domain. Every renowned professional like business owners, investors, technology innovators where they are because they acted with determination. By honing their inner grit and refusing to give up, they achieved goals and triumphed professionally.


    As Duckworth said in her TED talk, “Grit is sticking with your future, day in, day out, not just for the week, not just for the month, but for years, and working really hard to make that future a reality. Grit is living life like it’s a marathon, not a sprint.”


    Change Job Search Methods:

    The market has changed. The old methods of trying to get a job no longer works anymore. So you need to learn and do different things . Most of the people do not take any serious action when they find out that they are not able to get a job that they want. They will keep repeating the

    mistakes they did in the past – and if they do the same mistakes, they will get the same end result: no good job offers .

    “Jobs” & “Hiring” Perceptions:

    If you want to get your dream digital marketing job and not just any job you need to completely change your perspective of jobs and employment. When you think about a “JOB” you think about fixed monthly salary, a boss, a team, an office and work.

    But when you get “HIRED” as a digital marketer, you need to bring business in terms of ROI. You should know about Clicks, Impression, CTR, CPA to show results. Not just keywords ranking or facebook likes. When you can show that kind of result company will be behind you, not vice versa.

    Think like Business Owners

    In digital marketing domain each and every candidate has to think as a business owner. There is a fine line between thinking as an employee and taking the ownership of that job which is not very common in freshers world or even experience employee.


    Your clients don’t want to know how much knowledge you have in Content, SEO, Social Media, Web Analytics, PPC, Email Marketing, they hired you and investing money in your skills because you can bring ROI from digital marketing.

    So you need to know about client’s customers ideal profiles, create content for them, reach them via email, social or when customers search they should find your client business via seo and paid campaigns.

    Capture leads via sales funnels, analysis them via web analytics, calculate CPA, show them which medium bought how much profit and how to allocate budget for next campaign.

    Find the reason why someone pay you

    Job is not an easy thing to get. But it’s not true for little experienced candidate because they already overcome this situation. Now first question should comes in your mind that

    • Why would someone give me a job ? rather digital marketing job.
    • What you can give in return if employers pay you salary/wages/perks/benefits.


    Here digital marketing professional like you, answer will be your digital marketing skills and how many leads or business enquiry or ROI you bring for business.

    You can do it

    • By bringing website traffic, social media followers, keywords ranking.
    • Building an active email marketing database
    • Producing great piece of content which has the ability to go viral
    • Doing great in paid promotion lead generation with the lowest CPA and lowest bidding.

    Once you find your strength it’s easy to tell people why they need to pay you and how much they need to pay you.

    Proof of Digital Marketing Work:

    If you are a programmer or coder or web designer or web developer or tester or system admin guy it is quite easy to carry your work sample just in perdrive or showing it online or showing them practically while you are getting interviewed.

    Unlike any other information technology domain carrying proof digital marketing is a little tough because results of digital marketing doesn’t come overnight and search results are fluctuating each day.


    • You can have your own blog. [Learn how to build a blog under 10 min]. So it will be easy for you to show actual data what works and how it works.
    • Previous clients projects results. You can showcase your old clients or your existing company work as a reference what you are better at.
    • Another easiest way to show it through your personal branding. For that you don't require a great website or blog. Just very deep knowledge of digital marketing and great social media profiles.
    • This can be done just by creating content in form of text, audio, video, presentation or anything possible. Do you know one of the most popular content marketing platform rajnikanth vs cid jokes starts their journey through Facebook only, they didn't have a website that point.
    • You can publish thoughtful text content in many great websites like yourstory, entrepreneurs, cnn among all.
    • You can publish video content website like youtube, facebook, you can put audio content in various podcast website. There is a 14% growth in podcast audience.

    Only Google and Facebook Certifications:

    Even though many companies not only in Kolkata or India, among worlds are issuing seo certification, digital marketing certification or social media certification. This doesn’t make you a reliable digital marketing professional. Globally accepted digital marketing certificates are from Google, Hubspot, Facebook, Semrush ( SEO Certification)

    Google Analytics and adwords certification is a holy grail for all digital marketers and those who have websites. The certification course imparts the in depth knowledge of customer journey through analytics tool and helps the candidates to become better marketers or ad managers.

    Facebook Blueprint Certification is granted after you pass an official test of knowledge that confirms your professional marketing skills and helps you stand out from other marketers. You can choose from two types of Blueprint Certification: Facebook Certified Planning Professional and Facebook Certified Buying Professional.

    Knowledge of Paid Promotions:

    Promoting business through paid marketing mediums such as Google adwords and Facebook can give better insight how actually paid campaigns works in digital marketing scenario.

    No institute offer live paid marketing campaigns for their students because it will cost them real money. This amount of spending ads is not small and if you don’t generate leads the whole amount gone. We are the only institute in Kolkata to offer live paid marketing campaign training.

    Various Digital Marketing Positions:

    Digital marketing is a vast subject so as its working position. Here are few available positions worldwide for digital marketing professional. So don’t rely only “digital marketing” position. Try for all kind of following roles.

    • Digital Marketing Manager
    • Marketing Manager
    • Digital Marketing specialist
    • Marketing coordinator
    • SEO specialist
    • Web developer
    • Account executive
    • Social media manager
    • Digital marketing analyst
    • Marketing specialist
    • Content marketing manager
    • User experience manager
    • Account manager
    • Director of marketing
    • Content strategist
    • SEO manager
    • Executive director
    • Paid search specialist
    • Social media specialist
    • Email marketing specialist

    Digital Marketing Resume

    You’re about to write a digital marketing resume to land that creative position. Whether it’s SEO, email campaigns, or content creation, you have what it takes to be the hire they’ve been searching for. But first— You need to show them. You need to digitally market yourself to the employer.

    • Create a test based resume. Visual resume, a 90 seconds introduction video.
    • Upload resumes at least top 10 job portals.
    • Speak with career consultants who will forward your resume to potential employers
    • Enhance your resume by doing certifications or training programs
    • Send resumes to all the personal contacts who may refer them to a potential employer

    You can see that here, everything is revolving around resumes. Your resume will be more effective if you specialize in one or more areas like social media, SEO, analytics, SEM, ux/web design, content writing, email marketing, etc. Also consider whether you’ll be expected to create strategies or just execute them.

    Lists of jobs website and usage


    Now turn to change your appearance overall before appearing to interviewer. Really this matter most. Someone told that “appearance and way of talking is most important thing that matter most while talking to anyone.”

    So get dress neat and clean. Be prepared for a date to your girlfriend like that appearance. So half of job you done by that.

    Digital Marketing Interview Questions:

    Digital Marketing team is responsible to implement the company’s online marketing. That includes content strategy, develop brand awareness, generating inbound traffic and cultivate leads and sales.

    • Tell me about yourself
    • Experience and they expect you to prove that experience
    • Be prepared to show relevant experience, examples, statistics
    • How you solved companies of the customer’s problem
    • How will you work under pressure? Had any experience with a crisis situation? Great and be ready to explain how you handled it
    • Creativity, basic designing skills, technical skills are part of your job in 2019 -20
    • Do not apply for the job if you don’t have a passion for content. Content strategy includes: Writing blog post, Images/GIF’s, videos, animations, Infographics, ebooks, Ad copies, Facebook ad copies, descriptions and creative text
    • Be prepared to show some of the content you created and the results. If you don’t have those skills, this is the time to learn those skills. Good news! there are great apps today.
    • Are you a good team player?
    • Have you trained your team in the past? In what areas have you trained them? Do you have a reference?

    Salary Package

    Digital marketing has a lot of modules in it. And each module is an ocean in itself. It is pretty difficult to become an expert in every module possible. Even for someone with 10 years of experience, covering all the subjects is almost impossible.

    Skill sets like web analytics, conversion rate optimization, enterprise SEO have been around for many years yet rarely do you see digital marketers focusing their efforts to become good at these. This is a missed opportunity which digital marketers who want to differentiate themselves must capitalize.


    Rejection is most common problems in job search for freshers. But don’t lose your patience. While analyzing this I found two most important reasons to get rejected.

    • Not being on time at interview venue.
    • Not being punctual what they are asking.

    So prepare yourself before applying that same job.

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