Digital Marketing Career Options

Digital Marketing Career Options

    Social Media Management Roles:

    These roles mostly responsible for managing various Social media networks of the company.

    You could be a:

    Social Media Coordinator – to manage a posting schedule for day to day posting on various platforms.

    Social media Strategist – whose job is to decide which social media platforms to use, what type of content to post and where, to maximise and attract relevant prospects, convert into leads & ROI. Also its imp to understand where the audiences are (data analyst can be of help here) & accordingly strategies the social campaigns.

    Community Manager – this role primarily responsible to manage relationship with current & future followers and manage the community of the followers with frequent engagements with your content. Monitor platforms or online forums with regular engagements, answer queries of followers, consider valuable comments and mitigate negative feedbacks and views.

    Content Marketing Roles:

    This involves Content creation, strategizing and managing the overall Content curation (basis the technology or publishing platform) process for the company. If you think you have a flair for writing or developing content then you may want to look for opportunities with the following entry, mid & management level titles respectively:

    Content Creator

    Content Strategist

    Content Marketing manager

    This is one of the most imp Digital Marketing skills of 2018.

    PPC or AdWords Analyst or Manager:

    This role requires technical skills in paid media and a certification in Google AdWords. This role will run pay per click ads for the company or will manage PPC accounts of various clients in an agency or will have a team to manage for paid promotions & keep budgets in check. Will also be responsible for AdWords analytics to check what works well & what not.

    SEO Marketing Manager:

    Having data insights & content creators is not enough! Company’s look for experts who can work closely with the above roles & use the insights, apply them in the content and then optimize for the search engine. With ever changing ranking algorithms it gets important to rank high on the search engines. There are 3 specific search roles available in the market like:

    SEO Specialist – who optimizes content in coordination with Content Creators

    SEO Strategist – they work closely with the Data analysts to refines the SEO efforts

    SEO Marketing Managers – this role specifically help monitor, manage and track the SEO Performance of all types of content on the website.

    Creative Management:

    These roles are for people who are responsible for Visual content or Multimedia for a brand. They are people who create brand style & storytelling powers by producing visual content like videos, images, Infographics, logos, etc. These Roles are:

    Creative Assistant

    Digital Brand Manager

    People who closely engage with designers, copywriters, sales & marketing teams to come up with a Products and services vision, branding ideas, Ad Campaigns & messaging is titled as: 3. Creative Director (management level)

    Digital Marketing Manager:

    These are people who are responsible for reaching the relevant audience for the respective business. And analyse every metric about the way the audience consume your content on various online marketing tools and analyse ROI on content spend. So you can categorize this into 3 levels (entry, mid & management Level):

    Marketing Data Analyst

    Marketing Technologist

    Digital Marketing Manager