Content Development & Marketing

This Content Marketing Course is for beginners and professionals like bloggers, Digital Marketer, and business owners to learn Content Development and Content Marketing.

We will start this module with, What is Content? And different ormats of content to get an overview of the content. 

Our Next part will be the consumption of content to understand the type of content people like to read,listen or watch. Then, we will understand how people consume your content, whether they like written information, image oriented information or video content.

So that you can get clear idea what type of content you should produce.

The next part will be getting deep into in by continuing How to come up with Content. Before starting anything we have to make a Content plan/strategy to execute it effectively.

Now we will dive into execution part where we will use some Tools to come up with content to write a well organized engaging content.

 After creating good Content you will learn how to distribute and promote in the Content Marketing part. Because it takes a lot of time to create a content and if you can’t promote to the right auidence, the efforts will be waste.

Last but not least we will learn how to analyze your content performance in Analyzing the Content Performance part.

Content Development & Marketing

  • What is Content?
  • Formats of Content
  • How we consume content
  • Best practices for content
  • Brainstorming for content
  • How to come up with Content
  • Content plan/strategy
  • Content Calendar
  • Content Marketing
  • Tools to come up with content
  • Analyzing Content Performance

Each Digital Marketing module is led by an instructor. We conduct our class through whiteboard explanations, videos, interactive sessions, live projects, and real-time Q&A during and after the course. We provide end to end digital marketing training program from basic to advanced level along with placement assistance.