Concepts of Digital Marketing

For Digital Marketing Mastery you have to be a master in the Basics, and that’s why makememarketer always focuses more on it.

Our comprehensive classroom-based 1:1 online marketing training on the Basics of online marketing for beginners to advanced level professionals.

In this module, we start with the Overview of internet Marketing and cover, What and Why of online Marketing to understand basics. The next step will be going deep into it by studying Introduction to Channels in internet Marketing. 

After understanding online marketing we will continue with Scope & Career options in the Digital Space to give you a complete idea of what you are going to get in the future after completing this online marketing training Course.

Concepts of Digital Marketing

  • Overview of Digital Marketing
  • The What and Why of online Marketing
  • Introduction to Channels in Digital Marketing
  • Advantages and disadvantages for each channel
  • Scope & Career options in the Digital Space
  • What is Buying cycle? How is it relevant to Online Marketing?

Each online Marketing module is led by an instructor. We conduct our class through whiteboard explanations, videos, interactive sessions, live projects, and real-time Q&A during and after the course. We provide end to end online marketing training program from basic to advanced level along with placement assistance.

What and why’s of online marketing, advantages and disadvantages, channels and process of internet marketing from beginner to advanced level.