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I am a Google Analytics and Adwords certified Digital Marketing trainer and service provider with 11 years of experience. Makememarketer.com founded by me with the aim of providing end to end digital marketing training from basics to advanced with live projects and placement assistance.

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Our Mission & Vision

Our digital marketing training mission is bridging training and job gaps where people just learn digital theory not practical marketing. 11 years of my Digital Marketing experience, I have observed a fine gap between graduating students’ digital marketing skill-set and the industry requirements. They are not able to think like a marketer i.e ROI. For some reason, our education system could not seamlessly integrate students directly into the digital marketing industry with marketing knowledge and strategy how to scale a business.

I started this digital marketing training program with the core vision to bridge this gap. Those who get trained from our digital marketing training institute empowered to fit into not only the industry right from day one also able to earn individual capacity. Our Teaching Methods and Course Curriculum are prepared to overcome this problem.

Your Gateway to become a World-Class digital marketer is here

Instructor-led 1 on 1 Classroom Based Digital Marketing Training

Course Curriculum & Learning Process

Our All in 1 Live Digital Marketing Training Process starts with an interactive Introductions Sessions with a Custom Module on Digital Basics. Then we move into Content Curation, Personal Branding and Local Marketing training. This initial stage you will understand how various digital mediums works for you and any other brands.

After getting familiar with basic digital marketing you will move onto the next stage of inbound digital marketing such as Website Management, SEO, Social Media and Web Analytics. This is the most vital and important journey of digital marketing course. You will be working on how to generate targeted traffic and leads using inbound marketing techniques via non paid digital channels such as Google, Facebook, Website.

Now based on website traffic pattern analysis as per Google Analytics data (or any Web analytics) and Search Console (Webmasters) SERP performance data you will learn to how to build a proven strategy to grow more paid targeted traffic by using outbound digital marketing techniques such as Pay Per Click aka PPC, and Email Marketing. In this final stage you also learn Conversion Optimizations and Sales.

Our course also covers both Affiliate Marketing and Freelance Marketing module for Work from Home career specially retired persons, housewives and students.

Course Curriculum in Details

Anyone with an interest to learn Digital Marketing can take up the course.

There’s no predefined eligibility to do the course. Basic knowledge of the English language, 24/7 internet connection, a computer and Microsoft office, you can get started.

PS - Programming knowledge not required.
Course Duration:

Weekday Batches: 3 – 4 months
Weekend Batches: 4 – 5 months

Batch Timings: Weekdays:
10:00 am – 02:00 pm
03:00 pm – 07:00 pm

Weekend: 11:00 am – 05:00 pm
Digital Marketing Course Fee for the Digital Marketing Training Program is
Rs. 22,500 with NO GST.

The fee can be paid 2 -3 easy installments.

Mode of Payment:

You can pay for the course fees in Cash and Net Banking.

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Our Training Methodology & Learning Experience

Each Live Digital Marketing training module is led by an instructor. We conduct our class through whiteboard explanations, videos, interactive sessions, live projects, and real-time Q&A during and after the course. We provide end to end live digital marketing training program from basic to advanced level along with placement assistance.

We learn through experience, by making mistakes, learning from each other with real projects.

You will start with:

  • Creating content, videos, blogs with easy to use tools
  • Learn how to tell a story in a different format of the content
  • Get to practically create a website (No HTML knowledge required)
  • Work on a real live project as a group
  • Come up with a successful Digital Marketing strategy/plan
  • Create social media organic and paid campaigns
  • Implement SEO, run Google and Facebook ad campaigns
  • How to allocate the budget, find resources for all types of businesses
  • Use email campaigns for conversion and lead nurturing
  • Measure the effectiveness of all digital campaigns
  • Take actionable insights through Google analytics and take logical business decision

By the end of the live digital marketing training, you have a couple of portfolio/case study which YOU worked on during the course and that project is live. This will be your reference to future employer or client. You will be able to share the learnings, the mistakes you made and the story behind it.

To become a subject matter expert in any skill is to get the fundamentals right. We focus and ensure that all the students are clear on the basic essential concepts of the subject before moving ahead.

Theory learning gets complimented when one gets to practice, implement & derive desired results. That’s where live projects help where students get to practice and get familiar with various tools, interface and its real-time functionality.

As you are learning and working practical only classroom sessions, you have to generate leads at the end of the day and learn how to convert any leads into sales. This step gives you a guaranteed income while learning with us.

All the learned & earned knowledge needs evaluation from industry known authorities such as Google and Facebook. This is where Certification plays a major role. It’s also a good thing to add on to one’s resume for job applications.

We help and support students in their job hunt & also assist them with resume preparation, interview questions, body language, interview handling tips, etc.

Our course will teach you exactly know how to earn money from Freelancing or Affiliate marketing.

Our Training Methodology & Learning Experience

Once you successfully complete till final stage of digital marketing activity, you will be able to earn Google Analytics certification, Google Adwords certificate, Facebook Blueprint certifications, Hubspot inbound, content and email marketing certification and consider as professional digital marketing specialist.

Google Adwords Certification

Google Analytics Certification

Content Marketing Certification

Email Marketing Certification

Inbound Marketing Certification

Facebook Blueprint Certification

Is this training program right for you?

This training program is for you, if any one or all of the following problems you are facing:

  • Your lack of digital marketing knowledge and skills are holding your ability to grow in career/business.
  • You want a head start in your digital marketing career / business and willing to avoid those mistakes which others did before making for the foreseeable future career.
  • Your client is not happy with your digital marketing performance because you are having a hard time proving the digital marketing ROI of marketing efforts
  • You do not have a strategic road map or well defined goals, strategies and KPIs in place for your business
  • You are losing money in digital advertising because you don’t know what is working and not working in your digital marketing and where to invest time and money.
  • You are not able to get your recommendations implemented in a timely manner because your client doesn’t listen to you
  • You are a retired person, housewives and students and looking for some sustainable income as well as good career.
Overview Upon completion of our course you will be able to:

This training program is for you, if any one or all of the following problems you are facing:

  • Prove the Digital Marketing ROI of your marketing efforts to your clients and own.
  • You will be able to earn independently.
  • Develop a true understanding of any customers’ purchase journey.
  • Can create a strategic roadmap for any business from digital marketing prospective
  • Set up well defined goals, strategies and KPIs for any business.
  • Increase any website sales and ROI by leveraging the knowledge of web analytics.
  • Understand Digital Marketing reports for focused meaningful analysis from begining
  • Master all digital marketing module and learn how to extract insights from data and understand the arts and science behind digital marketing and SEO optimizations.

14 Ultimate Reason to Select our Institute

Learn A – Z Digital Marketing techniques from industry experts like me and our course has been designed in such a way that you will master how to use content and data insight to optimize online performance of any client business including your own. Believe me, Digital Marketing is a practical only course. You never able to learn the nitty gritty of digital marketing until practice it on multiple websites with different objective for multiple business. Then only you will know what works and what not.

An Ideal goal of digital marketer is Generating Leads and Convert Leads into Sales.

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